Choroni, State of Aragua, Venezuela


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Welcome to Venezuela!

A latin-american country in the northeast part of South America, Venezuela is a former Spanish colony with a population of 27 million. It's capital Caracas, is a city with 4.6 million people and a cultural and economic center. Venezuela's geography has epic proportions. It has the continent's largest lake, lake Maracaibo, The Orinoco river, the third-longest. Venezuela also features Angel falls, the worlds highest waterfall, and is home to some of the world's largest rainforests, most diverse animal populations and spectacular beaches.

About Choroni

The journey to Choroni from Caracas is a scenic one, passing through the city of Maracay before crossing through Henry Pittier National Park. Traveling on a winding mountain road you will arrive at Choroni, exotic colonial town of fisherman, artisans and fun. The popular traditions together with the smell of coffee and cocoa from the plantations, the friendliness of its people, the drumbeats, the beautiful Playa Grande beach, and the many bars and restaurants make this an enchanted town.

Hostal VistaMar is located in Puerto Colombia, Choroni. It offers comfortable and charming accomodations among truly beautiful surroundings. Facing the Caribbean sea you will be surrounded by breathtaking views, ocean waves, and gentle breezes that will make your stay unforgettable.


Click for larger pictures of Choroni / vistaMar!
Click for larger pictures of Choroni / vistaMar!